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Erotic Paranormal Romance: Haven (#3, The Legacy Series) by Debbie Vaughan

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 7/1/14 – 7/8/14

Genres: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Erotic

Series: #3, The Legacy Series

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A home of her own, a man of her own, her wedding day fast approaching is the life Connie Bennett had only dreamed about. She should be thrilled, right? So why isn't she? Excellent question!

The assorted shape-shifters, vampires and other government experiments she and her cohorts rescued from the FARM have been acclimated--mostly. An old acquaintance, Private Gary Vance, returns to make them rethink that comforting notion.

You'd think by now, Connie would realize life doesn't always go like you wish it would, or expect it to. But, even if she had, never in her wildest imaginings would she have predicted this!

A were-jaguar’s on the prowl. Posing as a kitten he’s taken in by Becky and even though all his powers are unknown, he’s accepted as just another experiment gone wrong. Way wrong!

As Raf, Terrell, Leeann and Jimmy make preparations for the upcoming nuptials; Connie can’t seem to keep her mind on the joyful event. What is mistaken for wedding anxiety turns to something far more sinister.

Private Vance has his own agenda. He plans to make Tom pay for all the agony he endured at the FARM and Connie is his tool of choice! Using his hypnotic pheromones to bend her to his will, Vance plans a wedding gift to die for.


Tom’s life’s blood spread across the hardwood as I screamed and struggled to reach him. Please hear me! RAF! My mind screamed again and again while my mouth continued the theme. Dear God, don’t let him die…
The noise was deafening, the sound of a thousand crashing cymbals, the light blinding as the sun…I threw a hand in front of my eyes. I was free! I ran to Tom, slipping in his blood. I pushed myself up with hands covered in the thick goop and pried my feet from the floor enough to step over his prone form, grabbed the razor from the sink and drew the blade across my wrist. Nothing. Damned safety razor! I threw it against the tiles and the plastic shattered. On hands and knees I scoured the floor, oblivious to all else. A gleaming sliver of hope winked from the toilet base. Snatching the tiny, thin blade, I positioned it over my left wrist and slashed across, blood spurted. Finally!
Still on hands and knees I slid to Tom, pressing my wrist to his open mouth. “Drink, damn you! Drink!” I closed his lips with my right hand, his mouth already filled and over flowing. “Swallow, Tom, please swallow. I c-can’t l-l-lose you n-now.” Blood dripped from my fingertips as they stroked his cheek leaving red rivulets in their wake.
The stake! Shit, what’s wrong with me?
Pulling my arm away from his unmoving lips, I slid behind him and straddled his waist, both hands grasping the stake. I yanked and my hands slipped off.
Help me!” I screamed my frustration to the universe.
I stood, braced one foot on his ass, and wiped my hands across my abdomen, trying to clear the blood, only to have it flow fresh again. Rage filled my heart and my soul. In wordless anguish I screamed to the heavens, grabbed the stake and heaved with all my strength. I landed against the wall, my trophy held tight in my hands, until I flung it from me. Scrambling back to Tom, I again pressed my wrist to his mouth.
D-d-drink damn you! You w-w-w-ill not die! You w-w-w-ill not l-l-leave me! You-u-u—will—not!”

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About The Author:

Raised by various relatives in rural Arkansas, a lack of wherewithal developed my sense of adventure and a vivid imagination.  My grandpa's wagon became a royal coach, the plow horse my charger, and the barnyard animals magical creatures. I learned at an early age, my mind could take me wherever I wanted to go and make me whoever I wished to be.
      As I grew reading took me to far-away lands and places, the past and the future.  I was hooked.
      Content to read, it didn’t occur to me to try my hand at writing until years later.
      In my early teens I discovered romance novels.  I loved historicals and strong, virile heroes.  Later I became interested in the paranormal.  I devoured Ann Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton and others in the genre and found one constant. I always preferred the monsters. While composing my junior and senior themes in high school I discovered my love of writing.
      As I matured my ideas of what made a hero changed, as did my opinions of timid, meek heroines. No Pitiful Pearls for me, my girls have grit! 
      Still in rural Arkansas, I write with dogs at my feet.  Sometimes they weasel their way into my writing!

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